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Shock chlorine (fast acting powder) - 5kg

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Why use shock chlorine

Shock chlorine significantly and almost instantaneously increases the concentration of disinfectants in your swimming pool water. Its effectiveness is very important but of short duration.

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How it works

On coming into contact with your swimming pool water, shock chlorine is released directly and degrades organic matter, disinfecting your swimming pool. The designation "shock" or "rapid" depends on the solubility of the chlorine. Very soluble chlorine will be called "shock" or "fast" chlorine because it is effective much faster (but also much shorter) than slow chlorine.

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Main advantages

  • High shock chlorine concentration;
  • High shock chlorine grade quality;
  • Fast efficiency;
  • Quality/price ratio.

Usage advices

  • Activate the filtration of your swimming pool;
  • Dilute the shock chlorine in a bucket of water;
  • Incorporate the mixture of water and shock chlorine in your swimming pool.


  • Except at the start of the season and before wintering, the use of shock chlorine must be exceptional in the case of normal use of the swimming pool, shock chlorine should be reserved as much as possible for the treatment of serious cases (heavy frequentation, breakdown, algies, etc.);
  • Authorization number: 4112 B;
  • This product is intended for the Belgian market only.
Property Description Quantity Unit
Weight and conditioning In granulate, available in bucket (5 kg) or in jar (1 kg) 1 kg,5 kg NA
Dosage Pool dependent. 150 gr for 10m³. NA NA
Frequency 2 times a year, at the start of the season and once before wintering and in extreme cases NA NA
Type of action Desinfection NA NA

Customer Reviews

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Seau avec couvercle éclaté

Le seau est livré avec le couvercle éclaté. 1/4 du produit retrouvé dans le fond du carton. De plus prévoir un délai assez long 15 jours, il faut pas être en rupture de stock.

Andrea Zang
Lange Lieferzeit

Chlor ist komplett verklumpt

Hallo Andrea,

Wir danken Ihnen, dass Sie sich die Zeit genommen haben, uns zu kontaktieren und Ihre Erfahrungen mit uns zu teilen.

Es tut uns leid zu hören, dass Ihre Chlorsocke verklumpt ist. Seien Sie versichert, dass Sie das Produkt trotzdem verwenden können.

Bitte wenden Sie sich an unseren Support, damit wir Ihnen eine neue Packung schicken können.

Einen schönen Tag

Ihr iopool-Team

Jonathan Lefebvre
Rien à redire

Comme d habitude produit top et très bien emballé maintenant mieux que au début je recommande vivement

Eric Didelot
1er essai

Utilisé dimanche 17/09, suite à eau commençant a verdir. dosage "bas" pour un mini-chlore choc.

Résultat lundi 18/09 au soir.

Chimie de l'eau : eau trouble mais moins verte, Chlore a 2, autres paramètres OK.
(Malgré une journée a tres forte pluviométrie.)

1er Test probant donc !!

Laurent Serwier

Shock chlorine (fast acting powder) - 5kg

ludovic ferault

Shock chlorine (fast acting powder) - 1kg

Stéphane Brabant

Très bien