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Pool and spa care equipment

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Manage your pool or spa water perfectly with iopool accessories. 


Take care of your pool water by using cleaning equipment, such as a robot or maintenance kits.


For free expert water analysis and step-by-step product dosing and recommendations: download the iopool App (available on Play Store and App Store).

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Why Use Our Zen Spa Foam Absorber The Zen Spa foam absorber provides spa owners with a convenient solution to keep their spa clean and clear. This absorbent sponge is easy to use and designed to q...
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Inflatable Spa Maintenance Kit - Intex If you want to keep your Intex inflatable spa clean and clear all year round, this kit is for you.This kit includes: a curved brush to clean the inside of yo...
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Why Use Our ScumRay ScumRay is an innovative and effective water cleaning solution designed to eliminate scum, oils, and other impurities from your spa, preventing foam formation. Its design and m...