Is Your Pool Guy Worth the Cost?

Is Your Pool Guy Worth the Cost?

Many people feel if they own a swimming pool, they need to hire a pool guy or a pool service company to help maintain it. Most of the time hiring a service is really not necessary. The most common reasons people hire someone is convenience, busy schedules, and simply no pool maintenance experience. But is your pool guy really worth it?

Rethink The Pool Guy

It turns out, many pool guys, may not be caring for your pool like you thought, and you may actually be paying a high price for a minimal amount of work. Here are three huge reasons you should rethink the pool guy:

1 – Dishonesty

Most of the time they come by during the day while you are at work, so you may have no way of actually knowing what they did to your pool or if they even came at all. You may be paying for a service that is not actually being done as you expected and if a pool is not properly maintained, the lifespan is cut in half.

2 – Unqualified

Many large pool service companies hire new and unexperienced employees in order to pay them a low wage. This creates high turnover rates and the cycle continues. It is important to have a professional who understands your pool. With a pool service company, you may never have a dedicated professional or someone that you trust. 

According to CNBC, the pool industry is 99 percent ‘one-polers’, which is just a guy in a truck. And that person is probably thinking how fast he can get in and out, and not really about the long-term care and maintenance of the pool. In fact, to make money, they actually need to get your pool cleaned in 20 minutes or less.

3 – Overcharging

On average, pool services cost almost two times more than it actually costs to clean your pool. Usually, a pool-cleaning job will cost $100 or more per month, plus the cost of pool chemicals. With a little bit of knowledge, you can easily care for your pool yourself.

Start Saving Money With iopool

You do not need to be a professional or take a lot of time to service your pool. iopool has created a hassle-free and simple way to maintain a pool yourself. With the Eco Monitor and the iopool app, we will guide you along in your pool care. You get custom advice that is specific to your pool, 24/7 pool water monitoring, and step by step treatment instructions. The app even keeps track of your chemical supply! Once you are low on products you have the option of ordering high-quality chemicals that will be delivered right to your door in two to four business days. Check out everything our app has to offer here!

For a one-time fee of only $229, you can get our Eco Start Package.

What’s included?

  • $45 worth of free cleaning products
  • EcO Pool Monitor
  • Mobile App with 24/7 monitoring of your pool water
  • Custom recommendations

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