6 scary superstitions about the maintenance of your pool

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Here are 6 of the most common scary superstitions about pool maintenance.

Beware of FAKE NEWS !

1. A crystal clear pool is ideal for swimming 🍎

Have you ever heard of Snow White’s poisoned apple? Just like a beautiful red apple, perfectly clear and clean water, at first sight, can hide many vices. Very acidic water (low pH) or microbial contamination is often invisible to the naked eye. Even when the water is clear, it is important to check its parameters such as the calco-carbonic balance, pH, and disinfection capacity of the water.

2. Chlorine causes red eyes and irritation 😭

Even if it is an easy target, chlorine is NOT the culprit for your red eyes and itching. It is an unbalanced pH level that causes these inconveniences. Your eyes have a pH of 7.4, which is why iopool recommends maintaining the pH of your pool between 7.2 and 7.6. So, no more pumpkin eyes! 🎃

3. A strong chlorine smell = a well or overly disinfected pool 

If your pool has a strong chlorine smell, it means that it is sufficiently disinfected, right? Not at all! 
When chlorine meets sweat, dirt, and other natural oils, it decomposes and creates chloramines. These are responsible for the typical smell of a municipal pool on a sunny afternoon… 😱
So, if your pool has this strong “pool smell”, it may mean that it is not being treated properly. It is therefore advisable to check the disinfection capacity of your water as soon as possible.

4. Chlorine turns blonde hair green 🤢

Again, chlorine is not responsible for the greening of your hair, it is copper that is involved. Some algae contain copper, which can attach to your hair when you are in the water. Also, multi-functional tabs contain copper sulfates that can be dangerous to your health and hair integrity. More information on multifunctional tabs.

5. There is no chlorine in a salt water pool

That’s not true! The chlorinator installed in each salt pool produces chlorine from the salt in the water, exactly the same chlorine that is released by chlorinated products (tabs, powders, etc.). Whoever sells you a salt pool as a “chlorine-free” pool is cursed! 👻

6. It takes a lot of time and money to maintain a pool

Again, this is not true. With regular monitoring and the right chemical products, the treatment of your pool is drastically simplified. In addition, monitoring the evolution of its water regularly helps to avoid significant pH imbalances or a lack of disinfection. Problems that could require the use of tons of products to be solved. 
Thanks to the connected iopool system, you can follow the evolution of your water in the blink of an eye on your smartphone and perform the necessary treatments accurately in all circumstances. 
Regular monitoring and precise dosage of the right products are the keys to a simple and inexpensive pool to maintain, for maximum enjoyment.

PS : The filtration time of your pool is also a crucial parameter to keep your water clean and healthy at all times. And here too, iopool guides you…

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