Green Algae: Seven Tips to Get Rid of Them ASAP!

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Let’s discuss this green stuff we have all seen in our pool at some point: green ALGAE. It might fit well with your Halloween decor, but can have dark consequences.


Green algae is a living organism that seems to appear in your pool overnight. It is the most common algae found in pools and can be very slimy and turn your pool water green.

One of the causes of the appearance of algae is an acid-base imbalance in the water. Their presence can also be dangerous for swimmers.

The 7 Ways To Get Rid of Green Algae

1.      Vacuum Your Pool

Ideally, you want to vacuum it manually to be able to pay special attention to the areas with the most algae.

2.      Brush Off

Vigorously scrub the area where the algae is so it can be stirred up, killed, and then filtered out.

3.      Test The Water

Using your EcO monitor or test strips, test your water alkalinity and pH.

4.      Balance The Water

Once you have tested the water, iopool’s mobile app will give you the perfect amount of shock chlorine to apply to your pool.

5.      Activate Your Filter

Once the shock kills that scary pool green stuff, you need to run your filter until the water clears up. Be aware, this may take a long time.

6.      Test The Pool Water Again

If the water is clear again, test the water one more time. You need to be sure the water is chemically balanced before swimming.

7.      Clean Your Filter

After all of the algae has been removed from your pool water, it will end up in your filter. You thus need to clean the latter so that the green residues do not go back inside your clear pool!

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