Pool Bleach – 3 Reasons NOT To Disinfect Your Pool With Bleach

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Using household bleach or other alternatives in your pool is not a good idea. If you use bleach, you will risk your pool not being properly sanitized, possibly even dangerous to you, your friends, your family, and it may also cause you to waste more money.

1. Your Pool May Not Actually Get Sanitized

Traditional household bleach is a lot weaker than pool chlorine products. Because of this, you will need to very vigilant and make sure you have used enough bleach to have properly sanitized water. You will end up using insane amounts of liquid bleach to get the same disinfection results as pool chlorine products. Additionally, bleach will degrade very quickly in the sunlight. You will need to test your chlorine level and keep adding more and more bleach to the pool.

2. Bleach Is Dangerous To Your Pool And Health

Bleach is known to increase lime scaling. This is going to cause your pool liner and equipment to form a gray, ugly looking deposit that may eventually ruin the equipment. Most importantly, if you use too much bleach, the water will become toxic and extremely hazardous to swimmers.

3. You Will Waste Money

Like I mentioned before, household bleach does not have the same strength as chlorine. Because of this, you will need to use a ton of it to get the same effect. Liquid bleach may seem like the cheaper option, but the fact that it is way weaker than chlorine products is going to cause you to end up spending even more money and time on your pool than you would if you bought chlorine that is made specifically for pools.

Bleach also has a very high pH, this will increase the pH in your water and you will need to use another chemical to lower the pH like pH Down. Overall, it is best to stick with real pool chemicals and not risk your health, your pool’s health, or time and money.

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