The 10 Benefits of Owning a Swimming Pool for Kids

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Have children? Then you have one pretty convincing reason to get a backyard pool. A swimming pool is not only a great addition to your home, but it brings the family together and allows you to make precious memories.

With that said, let’s dive into a few reasons to get a swimming pool for your kids.

Provides Great Exercise

Many benefits come with taking a dip in the pool — like increased cardiovascular health. In addition, water activities are great ways to encourage your children to become more active. And the best thing is that they won’t even know they’re exercising — they’ll be too busy having fun.

A Home Pool is Cleaner Than a Public Pool

If we’re being honest, public pools aren’t always the cleanest. As a result, public pools increase the risk of illnesses caused by bugs like Cryptosporidium, Giardia, and Shigella. 

Chlorine and bromine are meant to keep these harmful pathogens at bay, but the pool’s shallow end intended for child’s play isn’t treated with these essential chemicals.

With an at-home pool, you have control over the maintenance and cleanliness of the water. You will also have the peace of mind that your child is playing in safe and pathogen-free water.

Our integrative system allows you to monitor the health of your pool water from your mobile phone. 

Can Help With Certain Health Conditions

Swimming can even help with many health issues. For example, children with asthma may be less likely to have an attack while swimming compared to other types of exercise.

In addition, water activities are ideal for children who are rehabilitating from injuries or who have disabilities that limit mobility.

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Encourages Your Children Be More Social

It seems like nowadays, children are glued to electronic devices. If you’re struggling to get your kids to step away from their tablets and phones, installing a pool may be the answer.

Gathering your kids for a fun afternoon of water activities is bound to get them to break out of their shells. You can even invite the neighbors to join in on the fun.

Makes Bedtime Easier

Can swimming actually make bedtime smoother? Yes! As enjoyable as it is, swimming is a strenuous and tiring activity. So, after spending a few hours in the pool, your kids will be ready for bed. In fact, they may want to go to bed earlier.

Gets Everyone Outdoors

There’s nothing wrong with the comforts of staying indoors. But lounging inside too much can have adverse effects — one of them being vitamin D deficiency. 

Sunlight provides our bodies with vitamin D, and without enough sun exposure, your body comes deficient in this vital nutrient. 

A backyard pool gets everyone outside and ensures that your kids absorb nourishing sun rays.

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You Get More Family Time

It can be difficult for everyone to make time for family with busy schedules and lifestyles. But a backyard pool offers your family the opportunity to spend more time together. 

Just picture it. The kids are splashing around, Dad is firing up the grill on the pool deck, Mom is lounging on a chair with a good book. Everyone gets to do what they enjoy all in the same place — the epitome of quality time.

Boosts Stress Management

Parents aren’t the only ones who get stressed from time to time. Kids get a little frazzled, too. And swimming is the perfect way to alleviate stress. Water activities release a chemical in the brain called endorphins — the “feel good” chemical responsible for stress relief.

Improves Mental Development

Researchers have found that water activities allow children to benefit mentally, emotionally, and cognitively. For instance, aquatic exercise boosts blood flow to the brain, improving memory, focus, and clarity.

And the earlier you introduce your children to swimming, the better their brain development.

Experience the Benefits of a Backyard Pool

As you can see, there are many advantages to getting a pool for your kids. It brings the family together, and it could optimize your kids’ health.

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