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You go out into the backyard for an afternoon of fun in the pool. At a glance, you see that the water is…green. Of course, green isn’t usually associated with swimming pools. But does that mean it’s okay to take a dip? Today we go over why you should think twice before swimming in green water. We also give you ways to clean your pool and keep it pristine.

Why Is Your Pool Water Green?

Green water is caused by algae in your pool. Chlorine helps kill algae and wards off other pathogens. So if there isn’t enough chlorine in your pool, algae could take over. 

And even a mild case of algae can become a full blow infection overnight. 

Allowing chlorine levels to drop for even a day can leave your pool with a dreaded green tint. So, checking your chlorine levels frequently is essential.

But chemical imbalances aren’t the only culprit for algae. For example, exposure to high heat, heavy rain, or poor circulation can cause algae overgrowth.

Can You Swim in Green Water?

The short answer is no, you can’t

Here’s why:

While the green algae aren’t harmful, the bacteria that feed on the algae can cause issues. When you swim in green water, you expose yourself to algae that host bacteria. 

Swimming in green water could cause bacterial infections on your skin, and you could get sick if you ingest algae-filled pool water. 

Not to mention, algae can be very slippery — causing falls and injuries.

An algae-filled pool could even increase the risk of drowning. This is because algae decrease the clarity of your pool, which makes it difficult to see if someone is struggling. 

As you can see, swimming in a green pool spells trouble. But the good news is that cleaning your pool and getting back to its pristine condition is manageable. 

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5 Ways to Fix a Green Pool

When it comes to getting rid of algae, thoroughness is key. Here’s what you need to do to destroy algae and prevent it from coming back:

Step 1: Clean Your Pool

If your water is dark green, you might want to drain your pool and scrub the walls using a stiff bristle brush and acid wash.

However, if you can see at least six to eight inches below the surface, you don’t have to drain your pool to clean it. Instead, you can use chemicals to kill the algae.

Step 2: Adjust the Water’s PH

Algae thrive in water with imbalanced chemicals. So to stop it from returning, you must balance chemical and pH levels. Use a pH testing kit to determine the pH of your pool.

You want to aim for a pH of 7.2.

Step 3: Shock the Pool

Add a pool shock to kill algae and bacteria. After two hours, test the water and see if the chlorine levels have increased. The chlorine levels should range from 5 to 10 parts per million.

Step 4: Pump and Filter the Water

After you’ve shocked your water, turn on the pool pump and leave it on for a day. Doing this will spread chlorine through the water.

Step 5: Test Chemicals Levels

If your pool has remaining algae or gets sun exposure, the chlorine levels may drop slightly. So you want to ensure that your chlorine levels remain steady. If you don’t want to waste your time doing regular tests, you should take a look at our EcO Start smart monitor.

Keep Your Pool Green-Free

A green pool is quite the dilemma. It signals an overgrowth of algae in your pool. And high levels of these microorganisms can cause problems — from bacterial infections to injuries.

But you can tackle a green pool with all the right tools. Visit our shop for everything you need to keep your pool green-free. 😉

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