Manage Your Pool Remotely During Your Vacation

les vacances sans vous tracasser de votre pisicne

Do you finally have the chance to go on vacation this year? But leaving your pool unattended for a week (or more) can be risky. Unfortunately, your neighbor doesn’t know how to manage a pool. Hopefully, you can use the iopool app to help him. Bonus, a few tips about what you should do before leaving.

Our Advice

Before leaving:

  1. Clean your pool from top to bottom. Walls and floor, water line, skimmer baskets and filters must be as clean as possible before you leave.;
  2. Do not leave without having a balanced pH (between 7 and 7.2) and an optimal disinfection-capacity;
  3. Place slow chlorine in diffusion in your skimmer or floating diffuser. Count 1 pebble per 20 m³ or 1 tablet per 2 m³ of water.;
  4. If you have a roller shutter or an opaque cover, it is best to cover the pool while you are away. However, if you are equipped with a bubble cover, it is better not to use it (to avoid the proliferation of algae).;
  5. Leave the filtration running: Set the filtration system to half the time recommended by the iopool app.

Share the Maintenance of Your Swimming Pool on Vacation to a Neighbor or a Relative

The best solution for an optimal follow-up of your water in your absence is of course to delegate the maintenance of the swimming pool to a neighbor or a relative. 

Nothing could be simpler with iopool! With the pool sharing function in the iopool free app, you can share access to your pool in two clicks! More info here. Your neighbor or relative just as to follow treatment recommendations provided by the app, that’s all!

Discover the iopool app and the EcO connected water analyzer for daily monitoring of your pool’s balance.

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