Our 6 Tips for a Successful Romantic Spa Session!

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Whether it is Valentine’s Day or not, an intimate moment with your romantic partner is crucial and feels good. What about a spa session? Here are our 6 tips for a successful romantic spa session.

1. Surprise your partner and create an intimate-atmosphere

I you want to make the surprise, know that evry detail matters. The environment in which your spa is located is important. You can aslo light candles around the spa, the flames provide immediate appeasement and reinforce intimacy. A path made of flower petals is also a romantic and beautiful idea. However, don’t immerse the latters in your hot tub as this may clog the filters.

2. Tasting session

What could be more romantic than strawberries covered in dark chocolate with a creamy wine? Plan your partner’s favorite amuse-bouches! The best is to offer simple things to eat in the spa. Make sure to prepare a dedicated place to put appetizers and glasses: a nice stool or mini table is ideal. Fresh fruits can be an healthier alternative to zakuski.

3. Your favorite movie

Once you’re completely relaxed, why not continue enjoying your spa while watching your favorite movie? Install beforehand a table on which place the televisor/computer. Prepare the different movies that are likely to please your partner. Note that, the magic is likely to disappear if the film drags on.

4. Diffuse a delicate fragrance

Lavender essential oil is relaxing, it will participate in the relaxation of your partner. The best way to enjoy the essential oil is to use a diffuser. There are plenty of them on the market! If you are interested about essential oils and their benefits, use a guide and choose accordingly.

Note that some essential oils should be avoided during pregnancy!

5. Avoid disasters

Some details can ruin your evening if they are neglected. Avoid bubble baths! Although the foam is nice, the romantic evening could well turn into a cleaning evening and that would be a shame. Make sure the temperature of your spa is between 89,6 and 95°C. Indeed, chemicals no longer have the same effectiveness in water that is too hot. To be sure of the chemical dosage, nothing could be simpler: let yourself be guided by the app iopool!

Final thoughts

A romantic spa night is a loving way to show your partner you care, since we all know the importance of quality time.

If you have questions about pool and spa care, here is our blog! There are plenty of pool-related articles!

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