Pool Filtration System: How Do I Make a Choice?

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To keep pool water clean and clear, it is essential to have a filtration system for your pool. But how do we know which of these systems is right for us?

Types of Filtration Systems

The Diatomaceous Earth Filter

Suitable for people looking for high water quality and with a large budget.

The diatomaceous earth filter (about 5 microns) is one of the most efficient swimming pool filtration systems on the market. It uses aquatic micro-organisms that allow you to use less treatment products for your swimming pool water.

On the other hand, it is a system that requires maintenance and is expensive (between 600$ and 1000$). This system is rarely used for family pools because it is more expensive and technically more complex.

The Sand Filter

Suitable for people looking for an inexpensive and good quality way to filter their pool water.

The sand filter (about 50 microns) is a very easy to clean, inexpensive system and has good filtration quality. The only downsides come from the fact that this system involves evacuation to the mains drainage, complicating its installation. Negative point however, this system consumes a lot of water.

It is necessary to have the sand filter changed by a professional every 7 to 8 years at most because, over the years, the sand becomes clogged to the point of becoming hard and losing its filtration power.

The Zeolite Filter

Suitable for people looking for an inexpensive and good-quality way to filter their pool water.

The zeolite filter (about 5 microns) is one of the most efficient systems. It uses zeolite, a mineral powder of volcanic origin as a means of filtration. Please note that this swimming pool filtration system is incompatible with certain flocculants, so it is important to inquire before using it.

Its use is very similar to the sand filter.

The Recycled Glass Filter

Suitable for people looking for decent quality without breaking the bank.

Very popular, with a use almost similar to the sand filter in terms of filtration and maintenance, the recycled glass filter has a fairly high longevity but is less efficient than a zeolite or diatomaceous earth filter.

The Cartridge Filter

Suitable for people looking for a solution that consumes little water.

With good filtration quality (about 20 microns) and very easy to use, the cartridge filter takes up little space and consumes little water.

It is necessary to count on average 100€ for a longevity of 1000h per cartridge.

The Filter Bag

Suitable for people looking for an inexpensive solution.

Very affordable (30€ to 80€), the pocket filter comes in the form of a plastic tube with a pocket that retains impurities.

What to Consider When Choosing a Filtration System

The Filtration Rate

Depends on the volume of water to be filtered.

The Power Consumption

Consumption means energy bill. Take these costs into account when choosing a filtration system, following your budget.

The Noise

A noisy pump can be a source of nuisance for you and/or your neighbours. Especially if you (and/or your neighbour) have poorly insulated windows. 😅

If the noise is too high, the pump may need to be enclosed in a box to insulate it acoustically.

Other Questions?

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