What’s the Ideal Bromine Level for My Spa?

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Have you chosen bromine to treat your spa? It is an excellent choice. However, it does not mean that maintenance is easy. Here are our tips for efficient maintenance of your spa with the ideal level of bromine.

What Is Bromine?

Bromine is a chemical element that eliminates bacteria and microbes that accumulate in the spa. Bromine is especially recommended for high temperatures, especially for spas or (highly) heated pools. While chlorine loses its effectiveness as the temperature rises. It makes bromine a very popular choice for spa treatment. A lot of people also feel bromine less irritant than bromine. So, it’s a very good choice if you’re looking for a chlorine free alternative.

Analysis of the Water

You should pay special attention to the analysis of the bromine level. If you have a connected probe like the EcO, the ORP parameter will be of great help. If you don’t have an analysis system, don’t panic, you can do the analysis with test strips or a drop kit.

The analysis is even more important as the other parameters will largely influence the results. It is, therefore, necessary to monitor temperature, pH, as well as hardness, and alkalinity.

Ideal Bromine Level in Your Spa

The ideal level of bromine in your spa should be between 2 and 4 ppm for a pH of 7.5. The level of bromine should be slightly higher if the pH level is also higher, it helps the bromine to stay efficient.

Which Product To Use for a Shock Treatment?

Does your spa need a shock treatment? Think about active oxygen. Indeed, active oxygen and bromine complement each other very well. The active oxygen will “reactivate” the bromine molecules.


Bromine is incompatible with (stabilized) chlorine, the two products should not be mixed. If you want to switch from chlorine to bromine or vice versa, here are our tips for a safe transition.

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