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The Chemical Balance Of Your Pool : The pH

pH Test Kit

Everyone has heard about pH, but what is it really? And why does it affect the quality of your swimming? What is water pH? The Hydrogen Potential is an indicator that can be used to check whether a solution is acidic, neutral, or basic. Its scale goes from 0 to 14, and it is neutral […]

How To Measure The pH Of Your Pool?

Floating EcO Probe

It is important to regulate the pH of your pool water with the right products, but first, you need to measure it. There are various ways to control its pH, which we will classify here from the most effective to the least effective. Connected Water Analyzers In recent years, there have been several connected water […]

The Chemical Balance of Your Pool: Alkalinity and Hardness

plunge into balanced water

Alkalinity and hardness are two fundamental parameters involved in the balance of your water and therefore, the quality of your swimming. They guarantee stable water for the pool and the swimmers. In general, we are mainly talking about pH and chlorine levels. However, other parameters also come into play in the proper management of your […]

Chlorine Pool Shock: Why, When, and How?

recovering a green pool with shock chlorine

Shock chlorine, also known as rapid chlorine, restores optimal disinfection of your pool in a minimal amount of time. It will also be very useful at the opening of the season or when the pool turns green. Why Is It Called “Shock” Chlorine? In granular form, it has high chlorine content and high water solubility. […]

Multifunctional Tabs – A Bad Idea For Your Swimming Pool

Multifunctional Tabs

Ease and safety do not always go hand in hand. Have you ever heard of Multifunctional Tabs? 3-in-1, 5-in-1, or even 7-in-1 Chlorine Tabs for pool water maintenance? They have become very popular because of their ease of use but can be harmful or even dangerous to the environment and your health. We will explain. […]

6 reasons not to use bleach in your pool !

L'eau de javel est un mauvais réflexe

6 reasons why you should avoid disinfecting your pool with bleach Bleach is very low in active chlorine concentration (between 2.5 and 5% active chlorine at most!). It will therefore require astronomical quantities of bleach to obtain the same disinfection results as with suitable chlorinated products (chlorine tabs, fast chlorine, etc…). Bleach has a very high pH (pH=12), which […]

6 scary superstitions about the maintenance of your pool

By Sebastien Beaumont, in charge of Operations and customer care by iopool.com 1. A cristal clean pool is ideal for swimming 🍎 Have you ever heard of Snow White’s poisoned apple? Just like a beautiful red apple, perfectly clear and clean water at first sight can hide many vices. A very acid water (low pH) or […]