How to Choose a Pool Cleaner

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Pool ownership comes with many joys. But the fun has to stop somewhere. Pool owners everywhere will agree that keeping the pool clean is hard work. Unless you hire a professional pooler, you’ll have to do it yourself. And this involves investing in pool cleaning tools. There are so many methods and vacuums out there, […]

Which Above-Ground Pool Kits Should You Choose

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If it’s not possible to build an inground pool in your backyard, don’t worry. You can still enjoy the swimming season. Above-ground pools are a great alternative to inground pools. With an array of above-ground pool kits, there are on the market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with your choices. But we’re here to help you […]

Which Type of Pool Treatment is Right for My Pool?

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Owning a pool is marvelous; it provides endless relaxation and aquatic fun for you and your family. But being a pool owner is a lot of responsibility. Proper pool cleaning and maintenance are critical. And keeping out leaves is only half the battle. You must ensure your pool water is free of pathogens and harmful bacteria. How […]

Making the transition from chlorine to bromine (or vice versa) for your pool? Follow the guide!

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Do you want to make the transition from chlorine to bromine treatment (or vice versa) in your pool? It is possible but beware of the risks! This is a chance you cannot make just like that. It includes risks for your pool and your health. Indeed, mixing these two products presents chemical risks, mainly due […]

The Impact of Weather on Your Pool and What You Can Do About It

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You may not realize it, but the weather can really affect your pool and throw off its chemistry. Things like rainwater and sunlight can turn your pool into a breeding ground for harmful microorganisms. And if it isn’t addressed, you may end up with murky and filthy water. But, don’t worry — we’re here to […]

Ways To Heat Your Pool and Keep It Warm

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You don’t have to wait until summer to take a relaxing dip in the pool. Proper pool heating lets you warm your water to a comfortable temperature and enjoy it even if it’s a little chilly out. And pool covers the trap in the heat and keeps it warm all season long. In this guide, we highlight […]

Buyer’s Guide: How Choose a Heat Exchanger

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Who doesn’t love a nice dip in a perfectly heated pool? Pool owners are always searching for ways to conveniently keep their pool at an optimal temperature. Heat exchangers are becoming an increasingly popular pool heating method. According to a Grandview forecast, the global market for heat exchangers is expected to grow by 4 percent from […]

How to Balance Cyanuric Acid in Your Swimming Pool 

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Balancing your pool’s chemistry is no easy task. And did you know the sun can make this task even more daunting? The sun rays can gobble up your chlorine and throw your pool’s chemistry out of whack. That’s where chlorine stabilizers come in. All you have to do is add a stabilizer, right? Well, not […]

Is Green Pool Water Safe for Swimming? 

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You go out into the backyard for an afternoon of fun in the pool. At a glance, you see that the water is…green. Of course, green isn’t usually associated with swimming pools. But does that mean it’s okay to take a dip? Today we go over why you should think twice before swimming in green […]