What’s the Ideal Bromine Level for My Spa?

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Have you chosen bromine to treat your spa? It is an excellent choice. However, it does not mean that maintenance is easy. Here are our tips for efficient maintenance of your spa with the ideal level of bromine. What Is Bromine? Bromine is a chemical element that eliminates bacteria and microbes that accumulate in the […]

Pool Water Balance: The Most Crucial Parameters to Check

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As you know, a healthy pool water balance is a must. But what are the most important parameters? This article is for you! The following parameters are listed in descending order of importance. It is important to balance them in order. Stabilizer Or CYA? The stabilizer content (or Cyanuric Acid or Acy or CYA) is […]

Pool Alkalinity: Why and How to Correct It

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Pool alkalinity is crucial for any pool owner. If you have an unstable pH, for example, this can be due to high alkalinity. He is a brief guide to mastering this important parameter. Pool Alkalinity: Definition Complete alkalimetric strength(TAC) refers to the volume of acidity necessary to neutralize the bicarbonate ions in addition to the carbonate […]

“Help, My Pool Water Is Green!”- Our Advices

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Green water indicates algae bloom, but not only. It is usually due to a chemical imbalance or a lack of disinfection. This may be linked to stabilizer saturation. Discover more about this phenomenon in our article. Solve That Problem ASAP: Our 5 Tips 1. Make sure the filtration system is working properly. When the water […]

Mustard Algae: How to Overcome It and Get Clear Water?

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If you are dealing with mustard algae, it is likely to be difficult to get rid of. And that’s normal, it is a tough process. Moreover, it tends to come back. Here are our advice. What Is Mustard Algae? These algae, native to the Sahara, are generally carried by the sand in the wind. These […]

Filling Your Pool With Rainwater? Yes It’s Possible !

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Worried about your water bills? Looking for an eco-friendly alternative to tap water for your pool? Rainzater might be the anszer! It’s time to install a rainwater harvesting system. Filling a Pool With Rainwater If you want to fill your pool with rainwater, it is possible with a filtration system and suitable treatment. You can […]

How To Store Pool Maintenance Chemicals?

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The storing of pool chemicals is not to be taken lightly. If neglected, the products could become less efficient, for example. Where and how to store pool chemicals? Here are our tips! Where And How To Keep Your Cleaning Products Some cleaning products require great care because they can be explosive or flammable if they […]

Chlorine or Active Oxygen? Discover the Differences Now

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It is essential to treat the water in your swimming pool for your health, among other things. But which product is the most suitable for you: chlorine or active oxygen? Active oxygen Active oxygen is a natural and ecological product. It turns the impurities in the water into water or oxygen, leaving no residue. It […]

Pool Filtration System: How Do I Make a Choice?

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To keep pool water clean and clear, it is essential to have a filtration system for your pool. But how do we know which of these systems is right for us? Types of Filtration Systems The Diatomaceous Earth Filter Suitable for people looking for high water quality and with a large budget. The diatomaceous earth […]