Cyanuric Acid Pool Stabilizer (CYA) – It Is SO Important!

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Did you know that you can experience a 90% loss in chlorine from your pool on a nice sunny day? This is where Cyanuric acid comes in! Cyanuric Acid Pool Stabilizer: Definition Chlorine is the most important thing to keep in our pools to keep them clean and hygienic. In order to keep the chlorine […]

Pool water Monitor EcO: Paul’s Testimonial ( Indianapolis, IN)

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Yes, it’s been great, I no longer have to doubt myself about water treatments and I have learned what my hot tub needs. Paul Biedler, Indianapolis IN We recently got to chat with Paul about his inflatable hot tub and some of the challenges he had before using iopool. We are always looking to improve […]

Bleach : Why you should never use it in your pool

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Using household bleach in your pool is not a good idea. The latter can be dangerous, but also cause you to waste unnecessary sums of money. Some sources claim it is safe to use in swimming pool. Well… it won’t completely destroy your pool. However, there are more cons than pros. Here is why. 1. Your […]

Frank’s iopool Testimonial – San Francisco, California

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I have always managed them myself, using test strips, but I didn’t have the precision and quick updates that I get now. Frank Levinson, San Francisco California We recently had the chance to catch up with Frank Levinson to talk about what his experience has been like being an iopool customer. He owns two EcO […]

Pool Winterization- Two Types and How To Do It

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iopool guides you step by step through the winterization of your pool. When the summer season comes to an end, it is important to winterize your pool to protect your installations. There is no recommended date for pool winterization, however, it is advisable to winterize when the average water temperature is between 53 and 59 […]

How Can I Lower The Chlorine Level In My Pool?

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The ideal free chlorine level for your pool is between 1 and 3 ppm. When this level exceeds 4 ppm, you may feel discomfort caused by this over-concentration. Such as irritation and drying of the skin, an unpleasant odor, or damage to your liner and pool equipment. iopool gives you the proper procedures and infallible […]