Where Is the Best Place to Apply Chlorine Tabs in Your Pool?

Picture chlorine tablets

Chlorine tabs are designed to gradually dissolve and slowly release chlorine into your water. But, where it is best to apply your chlorine tabs in your pool? Here are the answers you might be searching for. Chlorine Chlorine is the most popular chemical when it comes to pool sanitization. It can be found in tablets, […]

How To Measure The pH Of Your Pool?

Floating EcO Probe

It is important to regulate the pH of your pool water with the right products, but first, you need to measure it. There are various ways to control its pH, which we will classify here from the most effective to the least effective. Connected Water Analyzers In recent years, there have been several connected water […]

Why are Alkalinity and Hardness levels essential to check?

plunge into balanced water

Alkalinity and hardness are two fundamental parameters involved in the balance of your water and therefore, the quality of your swimming. They guarantee stable water for the pool and the swimmers. Alcalinity? Hardness? Wut? In general, we are mainly talking about pH and chlorine levels. However, other parameters also come into play in the proper […]

The Pool Maintenance App You Need. It’s Free!

Picure iopool Pool Maintenance App

Most people agree that the worst thing about owning a pool is the maintenance. Especially when you have to go outside to test it and manually make calculations. Everything is easier with a mobile app, and pool maintenance is no different. The pool maintenance app by iopool has everything you need to manage and care […]

Why Using Stabilized Chlorine Is a Great Idea?

pool stabilizer

We all know that chemicals are added to pool water in order to keep them clean and maintained. Chlorine is the most known and obvious chemical used in pools. But, what many people don’t know is that if chlorine is not used with a pool stabilizer, you could be wasting money, time, and also risking […]

Chlorine Pool Shock: When, Why and How

recovering a green pool with shock chlorine

Shock chlorine, also known as rapid chlorine, restores optimal disinfection of your pool in a minimal amount of time. It will also be very useful at the opening of the season or when the pool turns green. Here is everything you need to know about this. Why Is It Called “Shock” Chlorine? In granular form, […]

Pool Chemicals – All Are Not Equal. They Really Are Not!


Most people think all pool chemicals are the same and it does not matter where you buy them. This is one hundred percent NOT TRUE! Not all chemicals are the same. There is good quality and there is bad quality. Most People Think All Pool Treatment Products Are the Same. They’re Wrong. A pool is […]