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Why Pool Automation Ensure The Best Value for Money

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Have you heard about pool automation? As a customer, trying to get the best value for your money when you are paying for a product or service is wise. And if this is the case with the smallest of the small purchase that you make, why shall your pool maintenance not go through the same […]

Sutro Monitor vs Eco, Who’s the Best Water Smart Analyzer?

You’re looking for a pool monitor but you don’t know which one you should buy? Do you consider Sutro monitor? Or maybe are you a pHin user who looks after one alternative? In both cases, you should discover why EcO from iopool should also get your attention. We compare Sutro and ourselves in this guide. […]

Pool Automation: Why You Should Take the Leap NOW!

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Technology has made it possible to do everything in a click. You can even operate your pool from miles away. How? Pool automation. If you’re familiar with smart home systems, you probably already know how it works. You can control, schedule, and manage pool functions on the go or from your couch—all you need is a […]

Automate Your Pool Maintenance With Jeedom and iopool

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Whether you want to quickly adjust the water temperature or schedule filtration, pool automation has you covered. The benefits and convenience of pool automation systems are unparalleled, and you can now experience everything it offers with Jeedom. Keep reading to learn how to use smart control systems to automate your pool maintenance with Jeedom and iopool. […]

EcO from iopool vs Waterguru – smart water sensor comparative

EcO from iopool vs WaterGuru, the in-depth comparative! Discover what you can expect from each of these smart water sensors in our article. ⚠️ Disclaimer – This document is currently a draft and is subject to change. Some of the information contained in it needs to be verified. If you notice an error or wish […]

The 6 Best Smart Water Monitors for Swimming Pools and Spas in 2022

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Do you want to start the season on the right foot with the right equipment for the maintenance of your pool? Does your neighbor or your friend make you envy his swimming pool water monitoring system? In this article, we rank the top 6 best connected smart water monitors for swimming pools on the market […]

An overview of this challenging 2021 year

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Discover an overview of all the news for the iopool company during this 2021 year. Innovation The year 2021 began with a complete overhaul of the mobile application and the entire IT architecture of iopool. Why? We wanted to offer our users an even clearer, faster and more efficient app. This redesign allowed us to […]

Phin Service Is Discontinued: How to Get a Refund and What Are Your Options and Alternatives?

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It’s official, pHin is discontinuing its service. Acquired by Hayward in 2018, pHin offers a smart solution for swimming pools and hot tubs. Active for a few years, the pHin app is now completely shut down. They posted a very clear (though brutal) message about their service stopping on their official website phin.co. How can […]