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9 Pool Maintenance Tips You Did Not Know You Needed!

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The thought of owning a pool in one’s backyard will always be glamorous. It’s easy to daydream of throwing weekend parties, getting into a fitness routine that involves swimming laps after work, and spending long days in the poolside achieving the ideal tan. Yet, in these dreams, pool owners often overlook a critical pool care […]

Taylor Balance

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Most pool owners can agree that pool water balancing is a complicated practice. Between constantly testing your water and adding chemicals, it can feel like you’re back in science class. However, you can simplify your pool’s maintenance by following Taylor Balance. While this may sound daunting, it’s pretty straightforward. You’ll be surprised how easily you […]

Filling Your Pool With Rainwater? Yes It’s Possible !

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Worried about your water bills? Looking for an eco-friendly alternative to tap water for your pool? Rainzater might be the anszer! It’s time to install a rainwater harvesting system. Filling a Pool With Rainwater If you want to fill your pool with rainwater, it is possible with a filtration system and suitable treatment. You can […]

Hot Tub: The Proven Benefits for Your Body and Mind

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Thinking about owning a hot tub? Or, maybe, you are lucky and already have one? Let us go over the benefits of a hot tub. The Benefits of Spas for Your Health Improves Blood Circulation It is true that spas have many benefits for our health, for example, it improves blood circulation. Blood vessels are […]

Mixing Bromine and Chlorine: Is It Right or Wrong?

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In case you never heard about tha t on the internet, mixing bromine and chlorine is a BAD idea. But…why? How to avoid any explosive mixture? Is It Ok to Mix Bromine and Chlorine? We often hear that mixing bromine and chlorine should be avoided at all costs. The reality is: that is not that […]

Hydrotherapy: Discover Its Benefits on Your Body

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The benefits of hydrotherapy are not always well known to the public. Yet, this routine can change your life! The Wellness Routine That Has Many Benefits Soaking in a hot tub is the perfect way to unwind after a long, busy day. But the benefits of wellness hydrotherapy go far beyond simple relaxation. More and […]

Phin Service Is Discontinued: How to Get a Refund and What Are Your Options and Alternatives?

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It’s official, pHin is discontinuing its service. Acquired by Hayward in 2018, pHin offers a smart solution for swimming pools and hot tubs. Active for a few years, the pHin app is now completely shut down. They posted a very clear (though brutal) message about their service stopping on their official website phin.co. How can […]

Why Are Stabilized and Unstabilized Chlorine Not the Same Thing?

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You have probably already asked yourself the question: why are there stabilized and unstabilized chlorine? What is the difference between them? Why use one rather than the other? We tell you everything you need to know in this article. The Types of Chlorine These include organic and inorganic chlorines. These represent stabilized and non-stabilized chlorine […]