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Heatwave and Pool: How to Limit the Damage?


Experienced pool owners already know it: maintaining your pool during the heatwave can turn out to be a real hell. This is why continuous filtration and careful monitoring of pH and disinfection are essential. What Hot Temperatures Do to Your Pool Who says heat wave says sun at the zenith, rise in water temperature and […]

From Bromine to Chlorine: Here Is How to Transition Smoothly!

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Want to make the transition from bromine to chlorine treatment (or vice versa) in your pool? It’s possible but be careful at risks! It’s a change you can’t make just like that. It includes risks for your swimming pool and your health. Indeed, mixing these two products presents chemical risks, mainly due to the stabilizer […]

Mixing Bromine and Chlorine: Is It Right or Wrong?

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In case you never heard about tha t on the internet, mixing bromine and chlorine is a BAD idea. But…why? How to avoid any explosive mixture? Is It Ok to Mix Bromine and Chlorine? We often hear that mixing bromine and chlorine should be avoided at all costs. The reality is: that is not that […]

Sutro Monitor vs Eco, Who’s the Best Water Smart Analyzer?

You’re looking for a pool monitor but you don’t know which one you should buy? Do you consider Sutro monitor? Or maybe are you a pHin user who looks after one alternative? In both cases, you should discover why EcO from iopool should also get your attention. We compare Sutro and ourselves in this guide. […]

Filtration Time of Pool Pump, How To Calculate?

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The pump is one of the most critical pieces of equipment for your pool. But even more essential is knowing how long to run the pump. Figuring out filtration times can be a little puzzling, so we’ve put together everything you need to know about operating your pool pump. Discover how you can calculate accurately […]

Ways to Secure Your Pool for Children

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Pools can have a magnetic pull on children—even when it’s not swimming time. But leaving children near unsupervised pools can have tragic results. That’s why it’s essential to be extra vigilant about kids and swimming pools. This quick guide covers how you can secure your pool and prevent any occurrences. Pool Covers Pool covers are a […]

Pool Disinfection: Why You Should Consider UV Water Treatment

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Every pool owner knows the importance of chemical sanitizers. But sometimes, you may need to scale back on your chemical use. This is especially the case for people who experience chlorine sensitivity. Thankfully, UV water treatment is an alternative to chemical sanitizers. What is UV Water Treatment? Ultraviolet light purification cleans your pool without chemicals. The […]

Why Use a Chlorine Diffuser for Your Pool?

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Owning a pool comes with its fair share of enjoyment and responsibility. On the one hand, you get to indulge in a refreshing dip on a hot day. But on the other hand, keeping it clean and germ-free is challenging. However, you can make this job easier with pool maintenance tools. The tool we’re focusing […]