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Pool Renting: What You Need To Know

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Got an immaculate pool? You could make extra money renting it out. People have found a profitable side hustle by listing their pool on rental platforms. How does this work? And why would someone want to rent a pool? Today we go over this budding trend and why you should (or shouldn’t) consider it. What […]

Our 6 Tips for a Successful Romantic Spa Session!

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Whether it is Valentine’s Day or not, an intimate moment with your romantic partner is crucial and feels good. What about a spa session? Here are our 6 tips for a successful romantic spa session. 1. Surprise your partner and create an intimate-atmosphere I you want to make the surprise, know that evry detail matters. […]

Phin Service Is Discontinued: How to Get a Refund and What Are Your Options and Alternatives?

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It’s official, pHin is discontinuing its service. Acquired by Hayward in 2018, pHin offers a smart solution for swimming pools and hot tubs. Active for a few years, the pHin app is now completely shut down. They posted a very clear (though brutal) message about their service stopping on their official website phin.co. How can […]