battery full

EcO consumes very low energy and has a long battery life. There is no need to replace or recharge the battery.


EcO is the smallest pool assistant on the market. It measures 8.66 inches and weighs less than 5.3 ounces. Therefore, it is compatible with any pool.


Bluetooth connection
Water analysis is automatically sent to your phone via Bluetooth. As soon as you open the app, you can immediately see the status of your pool.

Easy installation

Simply place EcO in the water as you would with a pool thermometer. You can also put EcO in the skimmer.

The pool assistant monitors 24/7

EcO measures water quality several times a day. Not only do you no longer have to do it yourself, but any problem is immediately identified thanks to the state-of-the-art probes of EcO.

EcO is included

The pool monitor is part of our EcO Start pack. Using it allows you to better manage your pool and use fewer pool care products. For a budget similar to traditional solutions, you will benefit from the many advantages of an innovative solution.

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