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Making the transition from chlorine to bromine (or vice versa) for your pool? Follow the guide!´┐╝

banni├Ęre illustrant l'article transition brome chlore (et vice versa)

Do you want to make the transition from chlorine to bromine treatment (or vice versa) in your pool? It is possible but beware of the risks! This is a chance you cannot make just like that. It includes risks for your pool and your health. Indeed, mixing these two products presents chemical risks, mainly due […]

The treatment of my spa with bromine!? Why use it.

Banni├Ęre illustrant l'article traitement au brome de son spa

What, bromine for the treatment of my spa? We are used to hearing that water disinfection is done with chlorine.  In fact, it is the most common solution in the world of the swimming pool. However, another solution, more effective and adapted when it comes to treating spa water is bromine. Advantages, disadvantages? This article […]