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This section contains pool tips and an archive of chlorine informational posts.

Liquid Chlorine VS Tablet Chlorine

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As a pool owner, you’re faced with choosing between liquid chlorine vs powder/tablet chlorine. Both are great for sanitizing your water, and each comes with its own unique benefits and drawbacks. But there’s one that comes out on top. Keep reading to learn more about the difference between liquid and tablet chlorine and which is […]

Spa Treatment

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From relaxation to decreased pain, the benefits of a hot spa are endless. However, you can’t enjoy these comforts without safe and sanitized water. Like your pool, a hot spa requires chemical maintenance and sterilization. Don’t know which treatment to choose for your spa? You’ve come to the right place. Today we delve into the […]

Pool Water Balance: The Most Crucial Parameters to Check

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As you know, a healthy pool water balance is a must. But what are the most important parameters? This article is for you! The following parameters are listed in descending order of importance. It is important to balance them in order. Stabilizer Or CYA? The stabilizer content (or Cyanuric Acid or Acy or CYA) is […]

“Help, My Pool Water Is Green!”- Our Advices

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Green water indicates algae bloom, but not only. It is usually due to a chemical imbalance or a lack of disinfection. This may be linked to stabilizer saturation. Discover more about this phenomenon in our article. Solve That Problem ASAP: Our 5 Tips 1. Make sure the filtration system is working properly. When the water […]

Chlorine or Active Oxygen? Discover the Differences Now

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It is essential to treat the water in your swimming pool for your health, among other things. But which product is the most suitable for you: chlorine or active oxygen? Active oxygen Active oxygen is a natural and ecological product. It turns the impurities in the water into water or oxygen, leaving no residue. It […]

Hot Tub: The Proven Benefits for Your Body and Mind

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Thinking about owning a hot tub? Or, maybe, you are lucky and already have one? Let us go over the benefits of a hot tub. The Benefits of Spas for Your Health Improves Blood Circulation It is true that spas have many benefits for our health, for example, it improves blood circulation. Blood vessels are […]

Pool Stabilizer: Definitions and Advice

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Combined with chlorine in stabilized chlorine products, pool stabilizer is your pool water’s best friend and worst nightmare at the same time. Find out more about the properties of pool stabilizer in our article. Definition The stabilizer or (iso)cyanuric acid (ACy) is a chemical compound whose role is to protect the chlorine against the UV […]

Heatwave and Pool: How to Limit the Damage?


Experienced pool owners already know it: maintaining your pool during the heatwave can turn out to be a real hell. This is why continuous filtration and careful monitoring of pH and disinfection are essential. What Hot Temperatures Do to Your Pool Who says heat wave says sun at the zenith, rise in water temperature and […]

From Bromine to Chlorine: Here Is How to Transition Smoothly!

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Want to make the transition from bromine to chlorine treatment (or vice versa) in your pool? It’s possible but be careful at risks! It’s a change you can’t make just like that. It includes risks for your swimming pool and your health. Indeed, mixing these two products presents chemical risks, mainly due to the stabilizer […]