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Shock chlorine, when is the right time to treat your water ?

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You want to bathe in your pool on a sunny day? Your pleasure is however stopped by the appearance of a green color? As worrying as it may seem, this is simply due to the unusual presence of algae in the water. In that case a simple choc treatment enables you to get back to […]

Pool Shock: Why, When and How To Use It?

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Pool shock is very commonly used among pool owners. Before we go into why, when, and how to use it, letÔÇÖs first go over what shocking is. Shocking is the process of adding chemicals (most commonly chlorine), to your pool in order to quickly raise chlorine levels or to kill dangerous bacteria and algae build-up. […]

Chlorine Pool Shock: Why, When, and How?

recovering a green pool with shock chlorine

Shock chlorine, also known as rapid chlorine, restores optimal disinfection of your pool in a minimal amount of time. It will also be very useful at the opening of the season or when the pool turns green. Why Is It Called “Shock” Chlorine? In granular form, it has high chlorine content and high water solubility. […]