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9 Pool Maintenance Tips You Did Not Know You Needed!

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The thought of owning a pool in one’s backyard will always be glamorous. It’s easy to daydream of throwing weekend parties, getting into a fitness routine that involves swimming laps after work, and spending long days in the poolside achieving the ideal tan. Yet, in these dreams, pool owners often overlook a critical pool care […]

Our Tips To Keep Your Pool Safe In The Winter

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Wintry temps are among us. That means it’s time to protect your pool from freezing. Without taking precautions, your pool’s pipes and other equipment could freeze, causing damage. And freeze damage can be costly to repair. So, avoid the expensive pool repair bill and check out these tips to help you prepare your pool for […]

How To Make Your Pool More Eco-Friendly: Our Tips

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Can a swimming pool be eco-friendly? Yes!We hate breaking it to you, but your pool might be harming the planet. Not only that, but it could be costing you more than it has to. It takes a few adjustments, but reducing your pool’s environmental impact is possible. Keep reading to discover more. How Can Pools […]

Pool Renting: What You Need To Know

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Got an immaculate pool? You could make extra money renting it out. People have found a profitable side hustle by listing their pool on rental platforms. How does this work? And why would someone want to rent a pool? Today we go over this budding trend and why you should (or shouldn’t) consider it. What […]

How to Choose the Best Pool Collector

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Heatwaves are finally gone and the weather is getting cooler. That means it time to heat your pool. Want to keep the water warm without sky-high energy bills? Consider a solar pool heater. Solar energy systems let you enjoy your pool past swimming season while saving you hundreds in heating costs.  Purchasing and installing one […]

Broken Pool Pump Reasons

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You do everything to ensure the health of your pool. You carefully calculate pump filtration times, maintain a regular cleaning schedule, and test the water daily. But what happens when your pool pump is broken? If your pool pump keeps tripping the breaker, it needs your attention. Today we go over the common reasons why […]

What’s the Ideal Bromine Level for My Spa?

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Have you chosen bromine to treat your spa? It is an excellent choice. However, it does not mean that maintenance is easy. Here are our tips for efficient maintenance of your spa with the ideal level of bromine. What Is Bromine? Bromine is a chemical element that eliminates bacteria and microbes that accumulate in the […]

Mustard Algae: How to Overcome It and Get Clear Water?

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If you are dealing with mustard algae, it is likely to be difficult to get rid of. And that’s normal, it is a tough process. Moreover, it tends to come back. Here are our advice. What Is Mustard Algae? These algae, native to the Sahara, are generally carried by the sand in the wind. These […]

How to Successfully Restart Your Pool When Winter Is Over?

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Sunny rays hit again: it is time to get your pool back up! There is a good way to do so. But how can you successfully restart your pool after winter? That is exactly what this article is about. When to restart your swimming pool after winter? The wintering of your swimming pool must be […]

Sutro Monitor vs Eco, Who’s the Best Water Smart Analyzer?

You’re looking for a pool monitor but you don’t know which one you should buy? Do you consider Sutro monitor? Or maybe are you a pHin user who looks after one alternative? In both cases, you should discover why EcO from iopool should also get your attention. We compare Sutro and ourselves in this guide. […]