Non-Stabilized Chlorine Sticks (300g Chlorit sticks) - 5,4kg

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Why use non-stabilized chlorine

A known problem with repeated use of the stabilized chlorine tablets is the overstabilization of the pool water with cyanuric acid (stabilizer). This results in the blocking of the disinfecting action. With this product, this problem does not arise and chlorine is always actively available.

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How it works

Chlorit Sticks 300 g are unstabilized chlorine-based disinfectants that get rid of bacteria, viruses and fungi in the water. This product is suitable for soft water and does not add cyanuric acid to the water.
Chlorit Sticks 300 g are to be introduced into the skimmer of your pool every 4 to 5 days.

Conventional chlorine disinfection not only has a bactericidal action, but also removes unfilterable organic impurities by means of oxidation. Conventional chlorine disinfection is always the most reliable option, especially if the water is particularly polluted.

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    Main advantages

    • Slow dissolving;
    • Permanently available chlorine content;
    • Cyanuric acid free: no risk of overstabilization;
    • Compatible with all filtration systems;
    • Minimal effect on pH;
    • Completely residue-free solution.

    Usage advice

    • Check if pH is between 7.2 and 7.6;
    • Clean the skimmer of all impurities;
    • Place the chlorine sticks in the skimmer;
    • Activate water filtration.


    • Never pour water on the product, the product already reacts violently with a little water.
    • The stability of the product is guaranteed if it is stored in a dry and ventilated place.
    • DON'T put in direct touch with the swimming pool liner to avoid decoloration;
    • Use biocidal products with care, read the label and product information before use;
    • Product registered under SIMMBAD under N°38698.
    • This product is intended for the French market only.


    Based on 2 reviews
    Christophe Laborie
    Chlore pur

    Le produit se dissout rapidement ce qui nécessite d’en mettre régulièrement dans les skimmers.

    Bien mais pas bien

    Sans stabilisant...super. par contre le format galet peut pratique pour piscine de moins de 25 m3 donnés pour 300g, ils font que 260 g. De plus ils fondent mal , se désagrègent et les résidus decolorent le fond de la piscine.