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Descaler for pools, filters and electrodes

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Why use descaler?

Nettoyant détartrant liquid cleans and descales your pools when they are drained. Descaler for pools, filters and electrodes is a maintenance product that removes stubborn scale and rust deposits from linings. It also contains a corrosion inhibitor.
Suitable for all types of lining.


  • Strong descaling power.
  • Made in France.

Usage advice

  • Dosage for swimming pools: 200 mL to 1 L per 1 L of water, depending on scaling.
  • Dosage for sand filters: Introduce the product into the filter or pre-filter in a quantity adapted to the size of the filter.
  • Dosage for diatomaceous earth filters: Soak plates, candles or discs for 12 hours in a 25% descaler solution.
  • Dosage for electrodes: Soak in a 50% solution for 15 min.


Pour the product into the water, never the water into the product.

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