An overview of this challenging 2021 year

An overview of this challenging 2021 year

Discover an overview of all the news for the iopool company during this 2021 year.


The year 2021 began with a complete overhaul of the mobile application and the entire IT architecture of iopool. Why? We wanted to offer our users an even clearer, faster and more efficient app. This redesign allowed us to optimize the app even more throughout the year and promises optimal flexibility for years to come.

More info here: How iopool became more productive with Prisma

A new mobile app, acclaimed by our users

More than 10,000 downloads and a rating of 4.4/5: not too bad, isn't it? Indeed, we listen to all our user's suggestions and ideas. Being close to our customers is one of our core value.
Since the launch of version 2.0 of the iopool app (April 2021) we made 28 updates on the Stores, i.e. one every week! That is commitment to our community!

Application reviews

Always more features, for 0 dollar more

iopool is positioned more than ever on trust and efficiency rather than constraint to acquire and retain its users. That's why with us, there is no subscription! All features are accessible in the app.

Including new features for 2021:

  • Provision of an Open public API;
  • Integration with Jeedom (thanks again to Marc, iopool user, for the development of the plug-in );
  • Added mode Active wintering;
  • History of measurements by day, week, month and quarter;
  • History of treatments carried out;
  • Recommended daily filtration time ;
  • Push notifications;
  • Etc.

iopool also for hot-tubs and bromine hot-tubs

The benefits of bathing in a spa are numerous , but the maintenance of this type of pool is just as meticulous as that of a swimming pool. Indeed, high temperatures can cause chemical imbalances.

After carrying out numerous tests last year, it's official: iopool is suitable for use in spas and swim spas treated with chlorine, bromine and active oxygen.

Expanded catalog of products and accessories

Following your requests, we have selected and added a series of cleaning products and pool accessories on our online store. This range is still evolving in order to offer you in our shop and in the app, everything you need for your swimming pool and your spa.

iopool is now una empresa internacional! Ja maneer.

In addition to France and Belgium, iopool is now used in the Netherlands, Spain and the United States.

2022 will be better

That, we all hope, and from all points of view.

The iopool team has also expanded since January with the arrival of Florence in charge of customer service.

Count on us to continue improving iopool products and services throughout the coming year. We have a lot on our plate, the Roadmap is full, but... It's still a secret for the moment! 🤫

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