Need for inspiration? Check out these cool Pool Lighting ideas

Need for inspiration? Check out these cool Pool Lighting ideas

Find the inspiration you need to turn your backyard into a luxurious oasis with the perfect pool lighting. Something as simple as LED lights could transform your outdoor space from ordinary to magical. And, of course, pool lighting also adds an element of safety. They illuminate the area and help prevent accidental dips (or slips) in the pool. You have quite a few options for light ideas that go beyond your typical submerged lights. Keep reading to get some inspiration for the lighting of your pool area.

Whether you have a pool or a hut-tub.🌊

Moon lighting

Give the illusion of moonlight by mounting lights in trees and roof gables. This look creates unique shadows that give the impression of swimming under the moonlight. This lighting style also creates a romantic ambiance—perfect for hosting a backyard date night.


Pool adjacent lighting

When it comes to lighting, you don’t have to stick to the pool—involve surrounding structures. For instance, hang lights on arbors, pergolas, and umbrellas. These structures provide shade during the day, and it may become too dark at night. So consider adding outdoor chandeliers or dimmable lights.

maison de luxe moderne avec piscine à débordement privée au crépuscule - pool at night photos et images de collection

Tiki torches

No, we’re not talking about the cheap tiki torches you get at your local discount store. Instead, high-quality tiki lamps are made with durable brass that contributes to your outdoor decor. 

You can choose to fill them with oil for a more authentic look or purchase one with a light bulb.

In addition, torches come in various heights, so you’re bound to find something that’ll light the perimeter of your pool.

Tiki Torch

Caution: Practice extra care when using open flames around your property. If flame torches make you nervous, opt for electric tiki lamps. Solar-powered torch lamps are also a great alternative.

Plant lighting

If you want to recreate a resort atmosphere in your backyard, surround your pool with greenery and complement it with lighting.

For example, you can place LED lights around flower beds or shrubs. If you have tall perennials, you can install directional uplighting — this way, you’ll see the light, not the fixture.

jardin de la piscine de nuit - pool at night photos et images de collection

Floating pool lights

Set the mood for your next pool party with floating LED pool lights. What’s excellent about floating lights is that you can adjust the colors to match the vibe of any occasion. 

easy floating pool lanterns DIY by using Styrofoam squares, poking a dowel rod into each corner of the square, and then putting tissue or wax paper around the rodes

Floating lights cast a vibrant glow on your pool and allow swimmers to safely enjoy a dip in the pool at night. And don’t worry, floating lights are waterproof.

Stair lights

If your pool area includes steps to a deck or patio, don’t forget to light them for safety. You can do this by adding lighting to the stair tread—the horizontal part of the stairs. 

Tread lights direct the light down on the step below it. And they provide enough light for safety without being distracting.

une arrière-cour moderne de luxe avec une piscine - pool at night photos et images de collection

Pro tip: Ensure your lights aren’t violating regional codes for how far they can be from the surface of your pool. This will depend on the light’s IP rating, so check with a professional before adding tread lights.


Want to show off those gorgeous roses you’ve been growing all spring? Give them some shine with a spotlight. You can use spotlights to highlight your favorite features. 

And you can also create uplighting and downlighting effects with a spotlight; both methods illuminate your pool area beautifully.

Well lights

These lights are embedded in the ground to provide light in dark areas. Well lights are typically installed directly into the ground, so you can place them around the perimeter of your inground pool.

Ceci contient une image de : Awesome Deck Lighting Ideas to Lighten Up Your Deck

Enjoy your pool — day or night

Installing lights around your pool area can transform the mood and feel of your space. You have quite a few options for illuminating your backyard environment—the type you choose depends on your decor and the vibe you’re trying to achieve.

Lighting also extends the use of your pool and allows you to take advantage of summer evenings. In addition, it provides increased visibility and safety, so swimmers can take a dip, even when it’s dark out.

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