The iopool API and integration with Jeedom – pool and home automation

Integrating your pool with a home automation system (such as Jeedom) via an API is a dream for any pool owner who is a bit of a geek. Indeed, it is very practical to be able to trigger its filtration, turn on or off lights (and so on) according to certain parameters.

Why integrate your pool into your home automation system

Some examples of what can be done:

  • Does the iopool app recommend a filtration time of 8 hours? Let’s set the duration automatically to the one recommended by the app.;
  • The sun is down? Let’s turn on the lights!;
  • Does water temperature drop below a certain level? Let’s turn on the heat pump
    And so on.;
  • iopool API and Jeedom plug-in.

Good news for the home automation enthusiast who wants to integrate his pool into his installation (especially via Jeedom, for example): it is now possible thanks to the public API iopool. 🎉

More info:

We would also like to give a special thanks to Marc, an iopool customer and active member of the Facebook community, for his great work on his Jeedom plug-in. This one is now functional! If you are interested, this is where it happens (available only in French actually) :

Do you have an idea for an integration? Do you want to develop a Plugin? Do you want to participate in the evolution of the iopool API? Then join the discussion on GitHub. We will be happy to assist you as much as possible in your developments.