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All the products you need to take care of your pool or spa water.

In general, the use of chemicals depends on the nature of the water, if it is of marine origin, river, or household tap. The amount of product to be used always depends on its quality depending on its pH, hardness, alkalinity, or presence of solids, among others. iopool offers pool care products with an excellent quality-price ratio.

The best way to keep your pool or spa water ready and free of harmful bacteria is by having perfectly-balanced water and by sanitizing your water routinely. Our products will help you keep your pool and spa water safe and crystal clear. 

For free expert water analysis and step-by-step product dosing and recommendations: download the iopool App (available on Play Store and App Store).

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Why use TH+ TH+ helps to quickly and effectively increase the hardness of pool water (the concentration of calcium and magnesium present in the water in the form of ions), making it more resistant ...