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Products to sanitize and shock your pool or spa water.

The best way to keep your pool water swim-ready and free of harmful bacteria and algae is by sanitizing your pool water routinely. Our products will help you keep your pool and spa water safe and crystal clear. 

For free expert water analysis and step-by-step product dosing and recommendations: download the iopool App (available on Play Store and App Store).

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Why use shock chlorine Shock chlorine significantly and almost instantaneously increases the concentration of disinfectants in your swimming pool water. Its effectiveness is very important but of s...
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Why use slow chlorine Use slow chlorine to keep your pool clean and healthy. Slow chlorine keeps the necessary chlorine concentration for permanent water disinfection and prevents the development o...
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Composition This pack contains the essential chemicals for the disinfection of a "small" swimming pool with a volume smaller than 20m³. For your basic chlorine treatments and your specific shock ch...
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Composition  This pack allows you to get clear water in a few steps. It is suitable for pools of less than 20m3. Pack content This pack includes : 2 kg shock chlorine; 1 kg of clarifications socks...