Multifunctional Tabs – A Bad Idea For Your Swimming Pool

Multifunctional Tabs

Have you ever heard of Multifunctional Tabs? 3-in-1, 5-in-1, or even 7-in-1 Chlorine Tabs for pool water maintenance? They have become very popular because of their ease of use but can be harmful or even dangerous to the environment and your health. We will explain.

The Enemy Of Your Water: Copper Sulfate

Otherwise known as bluestone, copper sulfate may be toxic in instances of high doses. The American Journal of Public Health does not recommend copper sulfate to be used as part of your regular pool chemical treatment.

Copper sulfate has no evaporation property. Once it is in water it remains there. Therefore, the more Multifunctional Tabs you use, the more copper sulfate your water contains.

If you want to get rid of it, there is only one solution, complete emptying of the pool water. This can be very annoying and expensive.

What Are The Risks For You And Your Pool?

High doses of copper sulfate present dangers during the application process, but also to the health of swimmers.

As for your pool equipment, this can lead to premature degradation of the liner.

Then, for swimmers, copper sulfate can cause skin itching, eye irritation, and hair may turn green.

What You Need To Remember

Multifunctional or “5-in-1” Tabs are not good for your water, skin, or the environment. Each pool water has different needs anyway. The size of the pool, weather conditions, quality of your tap water, and your filtration type all need to be addressed when deciding what is necessary for your pool.

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