Chlorine or Active Oxygen? Discover the Differences Now

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It is essential to treat the water in your swimming pool for your health, among other things. But which product is the most suitable for you: chlorine or active oxygen?

Active oxygen

Active oxygen is a natural and ecological product. It turns the impurities in the water into water or oxygen, leaving no residue. It is user-friendly and does not modify the PH of the water.

The use of active oxygen is more suitable for small pools that are not used much since it is not persistent. This product works very quickly but does not last. Using it frequently for large ponds would thus be expensive, although it can be combined with other treatment products.


It is important to follow the right dosage of active oxygen and to renew the product regularly. For larger pools, it is recommended to combine it with other treatment products such as slow chlorine as a basic treatment.

Most of the time, active oxygen is used for shock treatments because it is reliable and quickly disinfects the water. On the other hand, it is very sensitive to changes in pH or temperature, which can reduce its duration of effectiveness.


Chlorine is very effective and easy to use, but it must often be checked because its effectiveness depends on the pH of the pool. Ideally, it is advisable to keep its pH as close as possible to 7.2 to 7.4.

Less expensive than active oxygen, chlorine can be irritating to the skin and eyes and leaves an odor on the body and bathing suits of swimmers.

Two Types of Chlorine

Stabilized chlorine

Stabilized chlorine is the most common. It protects the chlorine from evaporation under the effect of UV, but putting too many blocks the disinfectant properties of the water.

Unstabilized chlorine

Non-stabilized chlorine is not protected against UV rays, so you have to add stabilizer yourself.

Still Have Questions?

To learn more about the differences between stabilized and unstabilized chlorine, you can read this article. Our blog is full of pool articles of all kinds!

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