Laad de afbeelding in de Gallery-viewer, 1+1 Promo - Chlorine Tabs (250g tablet) - 10kg
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1+1 Promo - Chlorine Tabs (250g tablet) - 10kg

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Why use slow chlorine

Use slow chlorine to keep your pool clean and healthy.

Slow chlorine keeps the necessary chlorine concentration for permanent water disinfection and prevents the development of algae.

Use it with our app

You can free download our application on Apple Store (IOS) or Play Store (Android). Then you can follow advice from our recommendation engine to know when and how you can use our chemicals products.

How it works

When it comes into contact with your swimming pool water, chlorine is released and creates sub-components:

  • Active chlorine whose disinfectant effects are active;
  • Potential chlorine, the disinfectant potential of which will gradually be released over time and will therefore be transformed into active chlorine;
  • Chloramine, produced during the degradation of organic matter by chlorine.

Main advantages

  • High chlorine concentration;
  • High chlorine grade quality;
  • Dissolves well;
  • Quality/price ratio;
  • Treatment efficiency;
  • Good friability.

Usage advice

  • Check if pH is between 7.2 and 7.6;
  • Clean the skimmer of all impurities;
  • Place the chlorine pebbles in the skimmer;
  • Activate water filtration.

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  • Place chlorine pebble's inside the skimmer or in a floating diffuser;
  • DON'T put in direct touch with the swimming pool liner to avoid decoloration;
  • Use biocidal products with care, read the label and product information before use;
  • Authorization number n°2011 B;
  • This product is intended for the French market only.


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Patrice Navet
Clore piscine

Produit conforme à n’est attente

Alex Simion

Oui très bien maintenant j attends une promo pour acheter L'ÉCOSTART

Bruno Seguin
Tromperie sur la quantité

Quand on lit 1+1 promo 10kg, on s attend a recevoir 20kg et non 10kg, je trouve qu il y a tromperie sur la quantité. J ai été déçu car le prix reste standard. Un geste commercial serait apprécié, je vous laisse revenir vers moi. Cordialement, BS



quentin CHOROT
Produits excellents, livraison rapide

De très bons produits, très bien emballé. Livraison ultra rapide, je recommande

Luc Daimé

Les sceaux sont cassés par le fond

regis folcher
le chlore lent a ce prix , impeccable !

rapport qualité /prix imbattable
expedition rapide et emballage soigné