6 reasons not to use bleach in your pool !

L'eau de javel est un mauvais réflexe

6 reasons why you should avoid disinfecting your pool with bleach instead of chlorine

  1. Bleach is very low in active chlorine concentration (between 2.5 and 5% active chlorine at most!). It will therefore require astronomical quantities of bleach to obtain the same disinfection results as with suitable chlorinated products (chlorine tabs, fast chlorine, etc…).;
  2. Bleach has a very high pH (pH=12), which leads to an overall increase in the pH of your pool and requires rebalancing with pH- (acidity enhancer).;
  3. Bleach degrades very quickly during storage, which further reduces its concentration of active chlorine and therefore its disinfection capacity. This makes the dosing of treatments hazardous and random.;
  4. Bleach is very unstable and degrades very quickly under the sunlight (UV). It is therefore necessary to increase the amount of treatments, which is neither economic, ecological nor good for health.;
  5. Bleach increases the appearance of limescale in the pool, which can cause problems with scaling of the pool and equipment, a pretty greyish deposit in the bottom of the pool and cloudy water.;
  6. Finally, if it is not properly dosed, bleach can become dangerous for bathers! Pool water that is too concentrated in bleach can become toxic, irritating the eyes, skin and respiratory tract of swimmers.

So stop disinfecting your pool with bleach right now and choose a safe, efficient and economical solution like the iopool system instead.

More information: iopool.com

17 thoughts on “6 reasons not to use bleach in your pool !

    • Jonathan Schoonbroodt says:

      Hello Henry, the price of our tablets can be explained by the very high concentration of active products. 🙂

  1. Taylor says:

    Well, you can buy enough bleach to equal the chlorine amount, and the bleach is still cheaper than chlorine!

  2. Mary Medore says:

    I’m confused. You are saying your tablets are highly concentrated that is the reason for the cost. Then you say the bleach isn’t concentrated enough and you would need excessive quantities to yield the same result. It seems to me the tablets would be more dangerous if they are as you stated and the bleach wouldn’t be strong enough.

    • Jonathan Schoonbroodt says:

      Hello Mary, a high chlorine concentration is a good thing when you need to keep a water safe and clean as you just put less product for a same result, the issue with bleach is a low concentration BUT a big (and bad) impact on the pH of your water!

  3. Fred Flintstone says:

    I’ve used generic bleach in my pool for years, it works perfect. I have no issues with pH because I use cyanuric acid as a stabilizer. My water is always crystal clear, smells good and feels great.

    • Jonathan Schoonbroodt says:

      Even if you (happily) don’t seems to experiment personnal issues with bleach as a pool water treatment, we strongly recommend to don’t use bleah but something more appropriate as chlorine.

  4. Bob says:

    Chlorine bleach and baking powder have kept my pool cleaner this year than the past 10 where I used the “pool Chems”.. I also have my solar panel on 100% of time when pool is not in use.

      • Jonathan Schoonbroodt says:

        Hi Paul, maybe you don’t have a sensitive skin but I can assure you, throw bleach in pool is cheap (yes) but it can be dangerous (or at least unpleasant) for some people (even if it doesn’t seem to disturb you personnaly). You should have a thouger skin than me! 😅

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