6 reasons why you should avoid disinfecting your pool with bleach

  1. Bleach is very low in active chlorine concentration (between 2.5 and 5% active chlorine at most!). It will therefore require astronomical quantities of bleach to obtain the same disinfection results as with suitable chlorinated products (chlorine tabs, fast chlorine, etc…).
  2. Bleach has a very high pH (pH=12), which leads to an overall increase in the pH of your pool and requires rebalancing with pH- (acidity enhancer).
  3. Bleach degrades very quickly during storage, which further reduces its concentration of active chlorine and therefore its disinfection capacity. This makes the dosing of treatments hazardous and random.
  4. Bleach is very unstable and degrades very quickly under the sunlight (UV). It is therefore necessary to increase the amount of treatments, which is neither economic, ecological nor good for health.
  5. Bleach increases the appearance of limescale in the pool, which can cause problems with scaling of the pool and equipment, a pretty greyish deposit in the bottom of the pool and cloudy water.
  6. Finally, if it is not properly dosed, bleach can become dangerous for bathers! Pool water that is too concentrated in bleach can become toxic, irritating the eyes, skin and respiratory tract of swimmers.

So stop disinfecting your pool with bleach right now and choose a safe, efficient and economical solution like the iopool system instead.

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