How To Measure The pH Of Your Pool?

Floating EcO Probe

It is important to regulate the pH of your pool water with the right products, but first, you need to measure it. There are various ways to control its pH, which we will classify here from the most effective to the least effective.

Connected Water Analyzers

EcO : The Connected Pool Monitor by iopool.

In recent years, there have been several connected water analyzers for swimming pools. This is a probe that is immersed and left in the water permanently. This probe is automatic and analyzes several pool water parameters, including pH. The measurement results are visible on the linked mobile phone application. It is the simplest and most effective way to measure the pH of your pool with precision.

Pool Test Kit

Pool Test Kit

There are two types of pH testers, digital water testers, and colorimetric test kits. In the case of digital testers, also called electronic pH meters, there is a probe that you simply plunge into the water, and a display shows you the pH of the water. They are relatively effective. Colorimetric test kits work on the principle of chemical reaction. You must fill a test tube with water from your pool, add the chemical reagent, and then compare the color of the liquid with the reference card to obtain your pH.

Good Ol’ Test Strips

A very simple test strip.

The test strip is the ancestral tool for measuring pH. Simply immerse it in your pool or spa for a few moments to allow the chemical reaction to take place. After removing it from the water, the strip will show a certain color, which corresponds to a pH level.

Unfortunately, this method is not very efficient for an accurate calculation, and it is also sensitive to the ambient temperature, which can fudge the result. Nevertheless, it is a good indicator of whether the water merits further investigation.

In conclusion, for accurate analysis and constant monitoring of your pH, we can only advise you to acquire a connected pool monitor such as EcO by iopool.

For more information on what pH is and how it affects your equipment, see our full article here.

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