Shock chlorine: when is it the right time to treat your water?

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Do you want to bathe in your pool on a sunny day? Your pleasure is however stopped by the appearance of green color? As worrying as it may seem, this is simply due to the unusual presence of algae in the water. In that case, a simple choc treatment enables you to get back to the clear and transparent water you like so much. But how and when this treatment must intervene? This article explains it all.

The shock treatment

The shock treatment is the last resort before changing the water of a spa or pool. This treatment is carried out once or twice a year, often at the moment of the restarting or wintering. Sometimes, you will need exceptional treatment in case your water turns green or trouble. The shock treatment enables it to go back up significantly and instantly to an optimal chlorine level. In other words, it is a disinfection booster. However, meticulous and frequent maintenance of your water will prevent you from using it.

Whether it’s an above-ground pool, in-ground pool, or spa, a shock treatment may be necessary during the year. This can be due to : 

  • fluctuating weather;
  •  a large number of people in your water;
  •  faulty filtration equipment. 

In most of these cases, the presence of algae can occur within 48 hours. A shock treatment is therefore used. Its chemical components have the ability to quickly eliminate all microorganisms, bacteria, algae, or fungi present in the pool.

How do I perform my shock chlorine treatment?

There are different steps to follow when it comes to shock treatment :

  1. The first step is to prepare the pool by removing impurities from the walls and the water. Naturally, swimming is not allowed during the treatment.;
  2. Second step is to check the filter and adjusting the pH level according to the shock product selected;
  3. Third, mix the product with warm water to help it dissolve and spread through the pool water. Then, the filtration system is turned on to circulate the product while waiting for it to take effect. The treatment can last from 48 hours to several weeks depending on the volume of water and its condition. 

Once these steps have been completed, you will have to check the water condition and the pH level frequently until the water is clear and translucent. 

Sometimes the water may remain cloudy. A flocculant or clarifier can be used to remove the last remaining particles and algae. Finally, the walls, the waterline, and the filter should be cleaned. Then you can enjoy your pool to the fullest!

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