How to Reduce Your Hot-tub Electricity Costs: 8 Tips

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There’s no such thing as soaking in a hot-tub after a long, hard day. It has many benefits for your body but the bill can be steep. These costs can be controlled! This article will help you reduce your electricity costs!

What increases your electricity costs

Maintenance like pumping, filtering, and heating your spa tub can cause your electric bill to skyrocket.

Frequency of use also increases the cost of operating a spa tub. This is because the more you use your spa, the more energy it requires. 

In addition, the electric heater consumes energy and burns fossil fuel — which has harmful effects on your electric bills and the environment. In this regard, by using the iopool application, you will receive advice on how to optimally configure the filtration time of your spa.

8 Tips to Reduce the Electricity Cost of your hot-tub

Don’t let skyrocketing energy bills make your blood boil. Here are eight ways you can reduce the cost of operating a hot spa tub. 

1. Use An Isothermal Bubble Cover

Modern hot spas have well-insulated shells that work to prevent heat loss. However, most of the heat will still escape from the top if it’s not protected.

A cover will not only keep the water from evaporating, but it help keep heat from escaping. 

Depending on the quality of the cover, the water temperature can increase by 2 to 5° C — reducing your heating needs by nearly half. A good cover can be costly, but they are incredibly energy-saving.

2. Use a Thermal Blanket

Similar to a cover, a thermal blanket stops evaporation and keeps the heat in. The less your water temperature fluctuates, the less your system will have to work — this saves energy and money. 

3. Adjust Your Settings

Most people like their hot tubs really hot, but keeping your tub at a high temperature will cost more money to run.

One of the easiest ways to cut back on your hot spa operation costs is to change the settings. First, check your owner’s manual and see if your spa has an “economy” or “energy saver” mode. 

Most spas are set to run at 40° C, but setting a lower temperature — like 38° or 29° — will significantly reduce your energy consumption. 

4. Consider Construction

When choosing a location for your hot spa, try to pick a spot that is blocked off from winds. If there isn’t a natural windbreak, you can put up shrubs, fencing, and enclosures.

You may also want to consider adding foam insulation under the tub before you set it in place. Doing this will stop the heat from escaping and bring your electricity costs down. 

5. Use Blowers Sparingly

Blowers pump air into the water for a soothing effect. When you turn off this feature, the air gets into the water and lowers the temperature. This causes your heater to work harder to keep the water at a consistent temperature. 

If you want to use jets and blowers, try using them at short intervals to keep as much heat in the water as possible.

6. Keep Your Filters Clean

Clogged or shabby filters impact your circulation, which puts stress on your motor and heating components. 

Cleaning your filters regularly and using a cleaning solution will keep them functioning correctly. We recommend replacing your filter every year — even if it looks clean. 

7. Get a Solar Hot Tub Heater

Solar hot tub heaters allow you to harness energy from the sun and use it to heat your spa. Essentially, you would use solar collectors during the day to heat your tub. Then, in the evening and during the winter, the other spa heater takes over. 

Installing solar panels can be pretty expensive but, it’s worth it. Solar energy water heating could save you 50 to 70 percent on your water bill.

8. Insulate Your Cabinet

The space between the bottom of the shell and the cabinet can be a source of heat leakage if not insulated properly. So, inspect your cabinet and identify areas that could see some insulation.

You can buy standard wall insulation or spray foam insulation and fill up the inside of the cabinet. This is a simple way to reduce electric bill costs.

Final thoughts

By applying these tips, you will drastically reduce your electricity costs. Good for your wallet AND the planet, so what are you waiting for? 🤓

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