The 6 Best Smart Water Monitors for Swimming Pools and Spas in 2022

Sonde EcO de iopool

Do you want to start the season on the right foot with the right equipment for the maintenance of your pool? Does your neighbor or your friend make you envy his swimming pool water monitoring system? In this article, we rank the top 6 best connected smart water monitors for swimming pools on the market in 2022.

1. EcO from iopool

Sonde EcO de iopool

The iopool EcO smart water monitor is the smallest smart water monitor on the market and has the advantage of being easily placed in a spa, in an above-ground pool, or in a skimmer. Thanks to BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology, the EcO smart water monitor has a lifespan of two years.

Its main assets:

  • Compact and reliable, this smart water monitor adapts to any type of pool or spa (however, it is not yet compatible with swimming pools treated with salt);
  • Excellent duration of life (battery and sensors);
  • Without subscription: 100% of the functions are accessible without having to pay any fees, the iopool application is completely free;
  • Get tailored treatment advice;
  • Excellent value for money.

Why choose iopool? the EcO smart water monitor provides real-time monitoring of your water to the iopool app. If you want to get your analysis remotely, anywhere in the world, it is possible to do so thanks to the Bluetooth-Wifi gateway. The application is very complete.

Buy the EcO smart water monitor from iopool here

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2. Easycare from Waterair

analyseur easy care waterair

The Waterair Easycare connected water analyzer is the newborn from the manufacturer of Waterair kit swimming pools.

Its main assets:

  • A range of up to 100 meters;
  • Personalized prescriptions;
  • Multi-account application: ideal for delegating the management of your swimming pool;
  • Compatible with manual or automatic processing.

His little extra: thanks to LORA technology and a small box included with the smart water monitor, the connection range can go up to 100 meters (depending on the obstacles present between the box and the smart water monitor).

Its price: 489 €

3. Blue Connect from Blueriiot

blue connect

The Blue Connect smart water monitor from Blueriiot is the pioneer of connected smart water monitor on the market. Equipped with Bluetooth and Sigfox connectivity, the smart water monitor is equipped for salt, chlorine, and bromine pools as well as for spas.

Its main assets:

  • Automatic measurements thanks to the Sigfox network;
  • A 4-in-1 smart water monitor (temperature, pH, ORP / Redox, conductivity) & nbsp;
  • 2-year battery life;
  • Get personalized treatment recommendations.

His little extra: thanks to its 4-in-1 smart water monitor, Blue Connect easily adapts to all types of pool. Be careful, however, to check the Sigfox network coverage in your region.

For more information on the Blue smart water monitor Connect here

4. Flipr

The Flipr smart water monitor has an elegant and futuristic design, which reminds us of the wing of a certain well-known dolphin. The Toulouse-based start-up has been marketing its smart water monitor for more than 3 years now and has around 7,000 users (2020 figure).

Its main assets:

  • The Flipr smart water monitor is suitable for all types of treatment (chlorine, bromine and salt);
  • Optional: you can benefit from Sigfox coverage;
  • In option: personalized care advice;
  • A beautiful design that will appeal to the whole family.

His little extra: thanks to its wall bracket (optional), the Flipr smart water monitor can be attached to the edge of the pool to prevent it from getting lost in the pool when the children play.

Its price: 349 €.

5. ICO from Ondilo

ico de ondilo

Ondilo’s ICO smart water monitor has a beautiful design and, above all, replacement of individual sensors by the user and charging via USB port, this smart water monitor has several advantages up its sleeve and is certainly one of the best-connected smart water monitors for swimming pools.

Its main assets:

    • The ICO smart water monitor is suitable for any type of treatment (chlorine, bromine, and salt);
    • The sensors can be replaced one by one (pH, Redox, temperature);
    • The battery can be recharged via a USB cable;
    • Compact smart water monitor despite its weight;
    • Full and free access to the mobile application.

Its little extra: thanks to the individual replacement of its sensors, it is very easy for the user to change his pH or redox prsmart water monitorbe when it has expired.

Its price: 399 €

More information about the Ondilo ICO smart water monitor here

6. Joey from Irrijardin

The connected Joey smart water monitor is offered by Irrijardin. Compatible with salt pools, it offers a formula with or without a subscription.

Its main strengths :

  • Most of the functionalities are accessible without a subscription (unlike Flipr);
  • Compatible with chlorine and salt;
  • Sigfox (optional);
  • User-friendly app interface.

Its price: 199 €

More information here.

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