Mixing Bromine and Chlorine: Is It Right or Wrong?

Bannière illustrant l'article chlore + brome = danger

In case you never heard about tha t on the internet, mixing bromine and chlorine is a BAD idea. But…why? How to avoid any explosive mixture?

Is It Ok to Mix Bromine and Chlorine?

We often hear that mixing bromine and chlorine should be avoided at all costs. The reality is: that is not that straightforward.

What is true is that mixing the two products in their dry state is dangerous. When dissolved in water, however, chlorine and bromine mixture is safe.

There is only ONE thing that can ruin everything: stabilizer or cyanuric acid. This chemical keeps the chlorine from evaporating (mainly because of the UV rays). Learn more about it here: our article.

Adding it to the mixture creates a dangerous reaction, cancels the disinfectant actions of the products, increases their sensitivity to UV rays and harms the quality of your water. In short, it is absolutely not to be done!

If you want to use brome and chlorine simultaneously, you must use unstabilized chlorine and mix it in the water with the bromine.

If in doubt : our recommendation is to NOT mix them!

Do you want to make the transition from chlorine to bromine or vice versa? Here is a guide!

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