Cyanuric Acid Pool Stabilizer (CYA) – It Is SO Important!

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Did you know that you can experience a 90% loss in chlorine from your pool on a nice sunny day in just a few hours? This is really alarming because warm and sunny weather makes it the perfect time to swim, right? Chlorine is the most important thing to keep in our pools to keep them clean and hygienic. In order to keep the chlorine from evaporating out of your pool, you will need to add Cyanuric Acid Pool Stabilizer.

Cyanuric Acid (CYA), also known as pool stabilizer or pool conditioner is a chemical that reduces the effects of ultraviolet rays on chlorine. CYA is super important because it keeps you from having to constantly add more chlorine to the pool. The only pools that don’t require Cyanuric Acid are indoor pools since there is no direct sunlight hitting them.

The Easiest Way To Add CYA

Cyanuric Acid pool stabilizer can be found in both a liquid or granule form. It is often already conveniently mixed in with some chlorine tablets. For example, the Jumbo Tablets we sell are stabilized with CYA.

These are the easiest and best products to use because your pool will be getting a nice steady dose of chlorine and CYA without any extra effort!

How Often Should You Add Cyanuric Acid?

Usually, you will only need to add a significant amount of CYA when you open your pool for the first time of the year. The good news is that once you put it in, it stays in the pool unless it gets diluted in some way. So, if you do a water change or water has been added into your pool from either the hose or rain, your CYA level will be lowered. The good thing is that if you are adding stabilized chlorine tablets, you are going to have enough CYA in your pool unless there is a significant water change.

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