From Bromine to Chlorine: Here Is How to Transition Smoothly!

bannière illustrant l'article transition brome chlore (et vice versa)

Want to make the transition from bromine to chlorine treatment (or vice versa) in your pool? It’s possible but be careful at risks! It’s a change you can’t make just like that. It includes risks for your swimming pool and your health. Indeed, mixing these two products presents chemical risks, mainly due to the stabilizer present in stabilized chlorine.

Make the Transition From Bromine to Chlorine

If you want to switch from a bromine system to a chlorine system:

  1. Wait until the bromine level is minimal;
  2. Change your brominator to a chlorinator;
  3. Start your chlorine treatment with a chlorine without stabilizer. Then switch to stabilized chlorine when there is no bromine or stabilizer left in your water. Indeed, it is the presence of stabilizer that can cause dangerous chemical reactions with chlorine.

The Iopool App

Good news, EcO from iopool is compatible with bromine as well as chlorine and active oxygen (see compatibility grid).

Have you passed the mark? Have you changed your disinfection type and gone through all the steps above? Remember to adapt the type of disinfection in the iopool app so that the treatment recommendations are adapted. The steps are provided here.

Please note the bromine marketed by iopool is only available in France and in the US.

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